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Brand Story

Being from coastal state of Kerala while growing up we saw our mothers and sisters struggling to scrape coconut with  old, rusty scraper that demanded loads of time and hard work. They had to start doing it very early in the morning for the day’s meal. It was then that we thought of doing something to help the women of the house. It was always at the back of the mind when we were studying or starting. Years passed by. Then the time came when we at Wise Innovation, formed a team to create something which is helpful in day-to-day life, cost-effective and convenient as well. The first thing we developed was the Wise Coconut Scraper. It was like a childhood dream come true. As expected, this product is a big hit. Many people wrote to us to tell how grateful they were for such an innovation. It was overwhelming and greatly satisfying .. We are constantly on a mission to bring such innovative products which will make life easier and comfortable.

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